What months are best for a trip to Costa Rica: Country Information

Costa Rica is a wonderful place to visit with your family or even alone.

Many couples honeymoon in Costa Rica combining romance, adventure and mystical visits to volcanoes, rainforest’s, waterfalls, and secluded beaches. Our goal here is to provide a condensed guide that you can print and take with you to use for reference.

Costa Rica is in Central America north of Panama and south of Nicaragua. The Pacific ocean borders the country to the west and the Caribbean to the east. The citizens of Costa Rica are affectionately called Tico’s and Tica’s. In all of Latin America, the Tico’s are most like North American’s in their thought process. There are many cultural differences but tourism and tourists in general are welcomed warmly in this country.You may find more details about this at what months are best for a trip to Costa Rica.

Costa Rica has the highest literacy rate in Latin America. Every four years elections are held with 95% of the population participating in the voting process. Costa Rica has had no military forces since 1946. 27% of the country’s budget is spent on health care. Although there are demonstrations occasionally civil unrest is not present. Costa Rica is considered to be the “Latin American success story”.

The country has 110 volcanic craters, six active volcanoes,mountain ranges throughout the central portion of the country and secluded beaches with rain forest filled with wildlife butting right up to the shoreline.

Temperature varies with elevation. Humidity is present and noticeable, especially at sea level. Mosquitoes are obviously part of any rain forest but are not as noticeable as most parts of Florida, for instance due to the natural predators maintaining an ecological balance not found in places like Florida. (Bring repellent with Deet however!)

Costa Rica has a wet and dry season. The wet or “green” season is from May until November each year. During this time rainfall is more prevalent in most regions (Guanacaste province is the driest area in the country) with sunshine typical in the morning hours with showers in the afternoon and at night. Green season is when hotels offer discounts and crowds are minimized. As mentioned earlier, the northwestern portion of Costa Rica is the best “green” season destination due to rainfall considerations.