The Pedestrians’ Road to Safety

Many among us enjoy walking around the sidewalks as a form of everyday exercise especially a while after the morning sun rises. This relaxing and health reconditioning work out is good for our bodies exhausted by our daily strenuous works. However, after knowing the fact that over 5,000 pedestrians die every year due to road accidents in the U.S., you might just extend your sleeping hours rather than getting out to play danger games with those killing machines. Nevertheless, if you still wish to continue this healthy habit, better read these safety tips meant for both pedestrians and motorists. I do believe that by performing simple safety rules on the streets, you can avoid injuries or even death.Click here to enable the notifications for what to know about pedestrian ordinances for safety.

To be safe on the sidewalks and main thoroughfares, develop a sense of consciousness; be aware of your environment, especially those raging vehicles on their tracks. These tips might help you from engaging into traffic accidents:

For pedestrians:

Avoid jaywalking. Use the pedestrian lane when crossing the roads; it is intended for your safety. See if the red signal is on, look to your right and to your left and wait for the drivers to make a full stop then cross the street as fast as you can. Similar to the vehicles, do not attempt to cross the road when the red light is already blinking.
Stay on the sidewalk at all times; it is indeed safer than walking on the road. The main highway is full of unruly drivers waiting for their victim.
Walk at the opposite to the direction of the traffic. This will give you time to move away from the vehicle in front of you.
Be attentive on the street signs and abide by the rules. Most accident victims lack discipline on the streets.
Be seen on the streets. Do not wear dark colored gears especially at night and during bad weather conditions. These are when most traffic accidents occur.
For motorists:

Drive safely at all times starting immediately after you turn the key.
Slow down particularly on highly populated areas such as schools, markets and malls. These are the places where the undisciplined pedestrian ratio is higher.
Follow the traffic signs and warnings. Do not be arrogant. You must be aware that the road is not for your personal use, this is for everybody’s benefit.
Make a full stop when the red light is on. Make sure that all the pedestrians have already crossed the streets before continuing on the green light.
Cautiously pull out of your garage or parking areas. Watch closely if there are people behind your vehicle before moving.
These are just some of the effective tips on road safety. Nevertheless, for the already victims, better ask the expert advice of a pedestrian injury lawyer. Due to their formal studies and trainings about the law and court proceedings, qualified legal counsels know what course of action should be done in case of personal injury case involvement. They can also uphold your rights and acquire monetary damages from the liable party.