All about Residential security options that work best for small homes

When thinking about home security it is easy to be struck by tunnel vision and get stuck worrying about the most difficult stuff.  You know, like alarm systems, handguns and “killer kung-fu” self defense moves. While those aspects certainly can be important, they should never come at the cost of overlooking the basics. For that reason we will have a look at one of the most simple home security tips there is – the locks and keys on your doors. Because after all, every other strategy is rather pointless if you literally leave your door open to the criminals due to an easily avoidable mistake. Safely Behind Lock And Key? Managing the locks in your home is obviously of paramount importance to home security. Although a burglar can certainly enter your home through a window or even straight through the wall, why bother if you have been “friendly” enough to leave the door open. So the first rule of thumb is to always keep your door locked. Even if you are just going round the corner to pick up some groceries or taking the dog out for a quick walk – both scenarios could provide enough of an opportunity for someone to quickly sneak inside and nick anything from the kitchen radio to your invaluable painting by Rembrandt. Visit our website to get free information about residential security options that work best for small homes

Also, if you are home alone and go out to potter in the backyard or are working in the basement or attic you should naturally have your doors locked. You might not even notice someone entering through the front door. Should you happen to lose a key to your home you are probably best off changing the lock altogether, as you never know who might eventually find your missing key. Likewise, whenever you move to a new home, it is a good practice to replace all the locks. Not necessarily because the old owners aren’t trustworthy but THEY might in their turn, knowingly or unknowingly, have misplaced some keys. Or lent them to someone, a cleaning service or baby sitter for example, and forgotten about it. Finally, you shouldn’t hide a spare key under the doormat, in a pot of flowers next to the entrance or in some similarly obvious location. You’d be surprised how many people still actually do this. If you absolutely need to hide a spare key it really needs to be someplace someone would never think to look. One simple alternative is to package it and bury it in the ground, in a spot where only you will find it. If you lock yourself out often it may not be the most practical alternative though – particularly if you also forgot where you left the shovel. These simple home security tips may seem basic to you – and they are – but they are nonetheless worth a regular reminder. Once you have all the basics in place, more advanced security measures will also make a lot more sense.